Account Phishing COC

AB Ankit | 2022-07-04

Account Phishing COC

       Account Phishing COC is any attempt to mischievously gain access to another player’s account or clan. It’s a well-defined terminology by the maker of the game – Supercell. And any such attempt will result in disciplinary action. Moreover, the account can also get suspended or banned for life.

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What is Account Phishing?

In general, it is any attempt to steal your account, or your identity by sending the user a deceptive/fraudulent message(s) through the use of electronic eMail to reveal his/her personal information like credit card or bank account number, or passwords – on a website that pretends to be legitimate.

What does Account Phishing mean in Clash of Clans?

In Clash of Clans, it’s offensive behavior to gain access to someone else’s account by pretending to be the real user with the intention of stealing account information or game account for the purpose of selling or using the account.

Who gets banned for Account Phishing in COC

       There are two types of people who get banned for account phishing in coc. One is innocent and the other – is a scammer.

       We now know about the intentions of a scammer and why they do what they do but what about some innocent clashers. I know there are some who for a purpose of shooting a video or trying to be over-smart get trapped in the process. Although they are innocent their activities don’t fall under the game’s code of conduct. Hence, the ban.

Code of Conduct & Fair Play Environment

       Unlike many games, Clash of Clans has a very strict Code of Conduct in place for all its players. The game encourages fair play. And therefore, the use of any 3rd party app/software is strongly prohibited. You can read more about the policy at Safe & Fair Play

Consequence of Misconduct

       If any player is detected to be using any 3rd party app/software to gain an unfair advantage in the game will result in a lifetime ban for the offending account(s).

Can you recover a lost account?

       100%. No doubt about that. I have first-hand experience of recovering my TH5 mini account back in 2018. I made my brother the leader of the clan. I asked him to visit a different clan. Accidently he pressed the ‘Leave the Clan’ button without promoting anyone as Leader. In the aftermath of leaving the clan, the oldest clan co-Leader (my TH5 mini account) got automatically promoted to the leadership role. Unfortunately, I lost access to that account. After that, I contacted Help Support and answered all their questions. I will give you a PRO TIP to recover your account. 

Can you recover a banned account?

       Although accounts connected to Gmail are super safe, it’s advised to connect Gmail to Supercell ID to capture your game progress.

How to safeguard Your Village/game progress


Connect Gmail to Supercell ID

       Although accounts connected to Gmail are super safe, it’s advised to connect Gmail to Supercell ID to capture your game progress.

How to Connect Gmail to Supercell ID

  • Click the settings icon on the home village.
  • Check the Supercell ID banner located at the top.
  • Click the Connect button and enter your connected Gmail address and confirm the Gmail address again.
  • You will be asked to enter the OTP to transfer the data. Caution: The transfer is irreversible. What I mean is that you can’t go back from Supercell ID to google play services to capture your game progress again. However, you can always request to change your Gmail id. But Supercell ID will continue to record your game progress.
  • You will receive an OTP on your Gmail account. Just copy & paste the OTP at the game’s interface and you’re done.

So what's the pro tip to recover coc account?

You don’t necessarily need to answer every question they ask for verification. It’s completely fine if you don’t recall some  of the past events but don’t fool around by guessing or second guessing, just leave plain ‘I don’t know’ answer next to the question number.

If they ask you 7 questions, you can give 5 answers but your answer should be brief and to the point. Don’t tell stories.

And finally,

you have ever purchased in-game gems, you can provide the details of the transaction. This will ensure you are the owner of the account even though you didn’t know a few of the questions that they asked.


       Never share your game details like email address or password on any websites trying to buy free gems or gems at discount. Make all purchases from in-game purchase stores only. And don’t try to recover any active accounts in use from any handsets either. These two are golden rules to safeguard your game’s progress.

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