BGMI Update - BGMI Banned and Removed from Google Play Store & App Store

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BGMI Update


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After the first ban in June 2020, Krafton streamlined its policies to better come in line with the existing policies of the Government of India. A year after their re-admission gamers want to know their whys and hows. Clash-Guide will try its best to decipher what transpired all this while.


5 Reasons why BGMI got banned in India


The first reason could be a lack of accountability from the BGMI management part. Rev Charlie Mabry is the Founder/President of BGMI, INC. Because he hails from a different country, he mightn’t get the sentiments of the country where he has been declared the founder/president of the game. It’s not Korea or the USA. It’s the largest democracy in the world. You’ll have to keep evolving and relentless active and act smart when the chips are down.

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The second reason is definitely related to the sovereignty and integrity of India which is obvious to everyone. The government has the right to exercise its power when it comes to matters related to the security of India. You can’t argue much.


The third reason, which Clash-Guide feels might be the real reason why BGMI was banned from India. Illegal purchase of UC from some unauthorized websites. They don’t pay the GST and try to bypass the Indian Government. The number of game cheaters, if anything, has only increased after the ban. No one has the right to mod any game which is registered. Therefore, the question arises how come mods are still working in the game and that the dubious Ban Pan 2.0 System doesn’t detect it. Games like Clash of Clans detect any cheating in the game easily. So why doesn’t a company as large as Krafton implement a robust system in the game? They have money, developers and a great team to handle the misconduct.


Everyone who has played the game knows that the game is full of scammers and hackers. There are several top YouTubers who spread cheating. They not only shamelessly play but sell the cheats live on various streaming platforms as if all is ok. Who funds them?


The fifth reason could well be Krafton making some changes to their privacy policy or Terms of Service (ToS) without prior notice. We will wait for the actual clarification on that from both parties i.e., Krafton and the Government of India.

Ouster from Play Store & App Store

A day after BGMI Masters League 2022 saw the record 100 Million watching on the streaming website – Loco Google Play Store removed the most loved Mobile Battle Royale Game – BGMI in India after the Indian Government issued an order and asked Google to block access to the game in India.

Soon after Google delisted BGMI, Apple followed suit and debarred the app as well from its App Store.

Banning games for violating the government’s policies isn’t new in India. More than 273+ apps were handed bans in June 2020. PUBG Mobile was also one of them. The government at the time cited that these apps are a major threat to national security and some of these apps can carry out espionage and surveillance activities like asking users for access to their camera and GPS often leads to malicious network activities.

History of the Game

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI)is the cloned version of Korean Original Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Developer & Publisher: Krafton
Composer: Tom Salta
Platform Availability: iOS and Play Store
Series: PUBG Universe
Release: 2 July 2021 (android) & 18 August 2021 (iOS/iPadOS)
Genre: First and Third Person Shooter Battle Royale
Mode: Multiplayer


Anyone might be the biggest developer and publisher of the game in the world but have to curb cheats and hacks and illegal game currency transactions (if applicable) from the game. They have also got to show some accountability. There is no denying that.