CLAN GAMES May 2022: Info, Challenge Missions & Rewards

Clan Games are now Active

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The Clan Games for May 2022 has been announced by the maker of the game Supercell. The above chart sums up all the Rewards that are up for grabs this week. Today in this article we will cover all the major questions related to the current Clan Games, a bit of history, and some trivia. Let’s learn more about the Clan Games.

Clan Games May 2022 Info

Pic: May Clan Games Rewards Summary

Question 1: When does July Clan Games start?

Answer: The Clan Games for July 2022 start from July 22 up until July 28, 2022.

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Q2: When did Clan Games Start?

A: The Clan Games started way back in December 2016. The current Clan Games mark the 73rd Week of Clan Games in total in the game.

Q3: Is there a fixed timing of Clan Games every month?

A: Yes, the last week of the month is reserved for Clan Games. The Clan War League usually takes the center stage post Clan Games. The rewards come in handy just before the CWL Tournament begins. You can expect Clan Games to show up from the 22nd to the 28th of every month.

Q4: What marks the beginning of Clan Games?

Strongmans Caravan

A: Although the News Tab in the game and the Clash of Clans Twitter handle pre-announce the start of the tournament. The real Clan Games starts when the Strongman’s Caravan arrives in the village. When you see the above Strongman’s Caravan set up in the game, you just know that the games have begun.

Q5: What are the Challenge Missions for each Town Hall?

A: The Challenge Missions don’t differ by much. Sometimes we may see a mismatch like a th14 is asked to get a 3 star on a Town Hall 8. Now that’s impossible unless you are sitting in the Bronze 3 league. The list of challenges available is the same for all Clan Members. So it’s in a clan’s best interest to determine which member is suitable for which missions. For example, a TH7 or Th8 shouldn’t start the “Destroy 2 Inferno Towers in Multiplayer Battles” mission. Likewise, a TH14 shouldn’t start the “Get 3 stars on a TH8 Village” mission and go hunting for the same.

The players are given different types of tasks to accomplish within an allotted time, such – as “Destroy 3x Air Defense in Multiplayer Battles”, “Destroy 4x Guard Post in Versus Battles” and so on. The Challenges Missions have tasks from both the villages i.e., the Home Village and the Versus Battle Village aka Night Village.

Q6: Why do Challenge Missions vary each time I open the game?

A: It might happen due to one clan member taking up a specific mission and finishing it off. Take the Challenge Missions that you are comfortable with and that you think you’re gonna complete then within the stipulated time. 

Q7: What happens when I start a Challenge Mission but don’t want to continue with it?

A: Once a Challenge Mission has started, you will have to wait for a fixed time to restart another one. The first canceled mission costs you 10 minutes of cooldown time. However, you can always finish the cooldown timer by using some gems.

Clan Games Challenge Misson Cancelled

Pic: Trash a Challenge and get 10 minutes of break

Clan Games Challenge Misson Cooldown

Pic: A 10-minute cooldown being handed for canceling the first challenge mission

Q8: What does the percentage system on the Resource Mission imply?

Clan Games Rewards

Pic: What does that even mean?

A: All the Resource Rewards are listed as a percentage of a clasher’s treasury capacity. For Example:  In the above example 70% Dark Elixir for a TH14 means 70% of the Clan Castle Treasury Storage. Now take a look at the Treasury Capacity of a maxed Clan Castle Level 10 of TH14 player.

Treasury Capacity TH14

Pic: Ah! Where was this hidden until now?

Here you can see that the Dark Elixir Capacity for a maxed Clan Castle level 10 (TH14) is 33,000. So 70% of 33,000 is 23,100. Now take a look at the Rewards section below.

Clan Games Actual Rewards

Pic: It wasn’t that hard to calculate, was it?

So now you know what that percentage system meant.

Q9: What are the Maximum Points a player can score in Clan Games?

A: 1. You can get a maximum of 5000 points for a six-tier Challenge Mission.

2. A  maximum of 4000 points can be scored for a seven-tier Challenge Mission.

Q10: How does the Reward Tier System work?

A: You get to choose one reward from each tier unlocked by your clan. However, if you score the full individual points in the Clan Games and your clan has unlocked all the available tiers in the Clan Games, you also get to select an extra reward from any of the tiers.

Q11: When are the Clan Games Rewards distributed?

A: You have to manually select the rewards from each unlocked tier. You can collect the rewards after the Clan Games are over. A 7-day window has been provided to collect your rewards.

Q12: What are some of the coolest rewards in Clan Games?

A: There are plenty. Runes, Books, Potions, and Gems are at a premium.

Q13: Should you take Gems instead of Books or Runes?

A: Nopes! They are the premium ones after the Hammers in the game. 

Q14: What happens if I change my clans after the games are finished?

A: No problem! You will still get to select the rewards as long as you see the Strongman’s Caravan at its place even when you’ve changed your clan. You’ll get the rewards of the original clan where you started your missions with.

Time for Some Trivia

 In October 2012 one of the Forum members named clashofclanslover suggested the idea of starting Clan Games in Clash of Clans.

A Clan Game Challenge can’t be started if the timer goes below 60 seconds. It’s time to wrap up.

The Clan Games are supposedly managed by El Primo character from Brawl Stars.


If for any reason you don’t get enough time to play the game or complete all the missions or want rewards for any of your accounts, just find a clan that has unlocked most of the tiers and complete one mission there, you’ll be able to collect all the rewards except the ‘Extra Reward’. 

Attention: Don’t start a challenge mission in a clan that is inactive or you don’t see them unlock the rewards that you want.