Clash of Clans TH15 Update Release (2022)

Clash of Clans TH15 update release is slated to arrive in the second week of December 2022. Although Supercell wants 18-month-ish cadences, it is to be noted that the 18-month gap completes in October 2022.

COC Mobile

Town Hall 15 COC

Town Hall 15 COC is all set to release in the second week of December as there are Heroes still left to be upgraded to their routine +10 level at the New Town Hall level. We expected the leftover upgrades to come by August. But there was no mention of it. So, it is quite evident that the one last final update release of the TH14 has been postponed to October.

COC TH15 New Hero

A New Hero at TH15 seems unlikely, although we suggested in our previous COC TH15 post that Supercell should only release TH15 New Hero if it is meant to be deployed in the last half of the battle i.e., last 90 seconds to avoid players 

COC TH15 New Pets

We are definitely gonna see some more Pets at TH15, that’s for certain. So far, we have 4 Hero Pets that can be assigned separately to each Hero. We say we need more Pets because, and you must have felt it as well, the moment you start upgrading a Pet you will have a Hero unprotected. That might screw a thing or two especially in war. Some might say having 5 Pets and 4 Hero would be some luxury, but the flip side of having more and more Pets is that you have options aplenty for your Heroes.


When will Town Hall 15 be Released

TH15 Leaks 2022

While we wait for the Official Update, it is learned that we will have a 1-gem army and resource boost during the Hammer-Jam event which usually occurs prior to the next big release. The Construction Destruction event will also take place to fasten your upgrades. What we will also see is the reduction in troops and buildings upgrade time. Although the troop cost has been made null, the buildings will continue to be cost-bound and therefore, they will see a major cut in their upgrade cost and time.

The Heroes will regenerate faster than ever before and will see a significant drop in their upgrade cost and time.

The Town Hall upgrade cost till TH14 will be reduced as well.

And last but not the lease there will be some balancing update as well.

There are two possible windows for the release of Town Hall 15, one falls in October but this is unlikely as there are some Heroes left to be upgraded by +5 level more. Secondly, there is this second week of December which Supercell seems to enjoy more. It’s a festive month and it is totally justified as well. But hang on! We will definitely get one big Construction Reduction and 1-Gem Army Boost prior to the release of Town Hall 15.

TOWN HALL 15 Release Date

(expected arrival)

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  • 00S

COC All Town Hall Release Date

The initial Clash of Clans was released with Town Hall 1 to 8 back in 2012. The same year on the 17th of October 2012 saw the release of Town Hall 9, what a great addition that was.. Oh! Some Update!!

The Next Year Town Hall 10 was launched on the 23rd of May 2013. But Supercell took time in the launch of its Town Hall 11. It took almost 2y 7mo to bring in the next Town Hall level 11 on December 10, 2015. This is was COC saw its peak, it still remains the peak time of COC ever.

It took another 2y 6mo for Town Hall 12 to arrive on June 11, 2018. Since then the updates have been following at most 18mo-ish cadences. As a result of which TH13 and TH14 took 18 and 16 months to release on December 9, 2019 and April 12, 2021 respectively.



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We are closely monitoring the Town Hall 15 Update, Leaks. We will add more data to this blog-page as and when we get confirmed new updates.

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