Hero Pet: FROSTY COC Upgrade Time, Cost & Max Levels chart

Meet the New Hero Pet Frosty in COC. This post we will look at everything in detail about COC FROSTY. From Frosty Favorite Target to Frosty’s Upgrade Cost and Research Time to Frosty’s HitPoint & Damage Per Second to Frost’s Ideal Hero Pair.


Hero Pet Frosty COC

Image: “Frosty is the coolest pet… literally. Not only does his icy breath cause enemies to chill out, but he also releases swarms of Frostmites to further slow down defenses and help his Hero.”

Clash of Clans Frosty

Clash of Clans Frosty : Upgrade Cost, Upgrade Time, DPS, and Hitpoint are given below.

Frosty COC Upgrade Cost varies from 215,000 dark elixir for level 1 Frosty to 295,000 dark elixir for level 10 Frosty.

Frosty COC Hero

Frosty COC Hero Pet: Upgrade Cost, Upgrade Time, DPS, and Hitpoint are given below.

The number of Frostimite(s) generated depends on the level of Pet Frosty. Frosty level 1 to 4 generates 1 frostimite whereas a level 5 through 10 frosty generates 2 frostimites.

Frosty Pet COC

Let’s see Frosty’s Favorite Target, Damage Type , Targets and Movement speed.

I don’t see Frosty getting paired too often with any particular hero unless its Damage Per Second is doubled or more.

Conclusion: FROSTY Max Levels 2020

Frosty is a good addition but not sure how it is going to be used while we already have better options as far as other available Clash of Clans Pets are concerned. Have your say in the comments down below. We appreciate your feedback.


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