How to Change Scenery in COC (2022)?
Clash of Clans Change Scenery

Do you want to Change Scenery in COC? Changing the Scenery in COC is very simple. In this post, we’ll tell you the steps on how to change the scenery in Clash of Clans.


Change Scenery in COC

Follow the below steps to change scenery in Clash of Clans

  • Select the Town Hall Building.

  • Choose the 3rd Option namely “Change Scenery”

  • A list of unlocked and available sceneries will appear in a tab.

  • Scroll the Home Village Scenery by swiping the Scenery Image from right to left.
  • Select any 1 scenery from the list. The Active Scenery will get highlighted in Bold. The rest of the scenery will go dark.
  • Once you have scrolled and reached which scenery you want to activate. Just tap the Select Option to activate the scenery of your choice.
  • You will also see a couple of more buttons next to the Select Button. They are Scenery Randomizer and View Scenery Buttons.
  • If you want to randomize the scenery every time the game loads, you can simply tap the Scenery Randomizer, once done this button will appear in bright as compared to dark before activating the randomizer.
  • The 3rd button that is the View Scenery button will enable to get a glimpse of how the scenery will look like on your active account.

COC Scenery

There are a total of 19 COC Scenery in Clash of Clans. For the full list, you can visit our Best Clash of Clans Scenery in Clash of Clans Page.

We received a couple of sceneries this COC 10th Anniversary namely the 10th Clashiversary Scenery and the Pixel Scenery. Of course, the former can be purchased from the COC Shop at $6.99 or ₹599, you will also get 2.5 Mi Elixir and as many Gold with the purchase. This Clashiversary scenery is available for purchase till the end of August. Whereas, the Pixel Scenery is can be unlocked by bagging 15 stars on the new 10 Years of Clash Map. You will get various rewards for unlocking each tier on this new map. The time limit for this even is not defined as yet.


10th Clashiversary Scenery


This is the 19th scenery in the game of Clash of Clans. 

Description: The latest clashiversary scenery

Arrival & Availability:

August 2022 at $6.99/₹599, till Aug 31, 2022

Our Opinion:

The surroundings are well decorated and give the base a fresh look.

Clash-Guide Rating: 9/10


Pixel Scenery


This is Scenery No #18 in the game of Clash of Clans.

Description: One from the archive.

Arrival & Availability:

Can be unlocked by clearing 3rd tier in 10 Years of Clash Map

Our Opinion:

It reminisces all the past Town Halls in the game.

Clash-Guide Rating: 8.5/10



How to Buy Scenery in COC?

How to Get Scenery in COC?

This August we saw a couple of sceneries. One of which can be purchased directly from Clash of Clans Shop and is available till Aug 31, 2022. The other one is free i.e., the Pixel Scenery can be unlocked by clearing Tier 3 of 10 Years of Clash Map.

How to Get Different Scenery in COC?

The Clash of Clans team regularly launches new sceneries. You can purchase or unlock the available scenery from events.

Clash of Clans Change Scenery?

Clash of Clans How to Change Scenery

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