How to Restart a Dell Laptop (2022)

There are various ways How to Restart a Dell Laptop. Dell Laptops are well known for their efficiency, performance, and durability. However, there are times when you really want to soft/force restart the laptop for various reasons. In this article, we’ll cover everything.


Image: Dell Laptop Inspiron 13 7300 – the best ever | Credit: DELL

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How to Reboot DELL Laptop Guide

There are conventional and non-conventional methods to restart your Dell Laptops. Before we tell you all the steps make sure all opened windows are closed. If you have multiple windows opened, save important programs you need to save before continuing.

Conventional Methods

Method 1: How to soft restart the dell laptop

Use the start button to restart the system. Just press the start button and select the ‘Power’ button located down below in Windows 11. You will see three options pop up namely sleep, shut down and restart. Simply tap on the restart and the system will restart on its own. As mentioned above save all running programs and close them one by one. Windows generally close any browser’s tab if it is open but in case but will prompt you if PowerPoint or Word is open. It will ask to restart anyway, if you select this option, Windows will force close all the opened tabs. Therefore, it is advised to close all open tabs manually to avoid loss of data. You can also restart your system by pressing the Shut Down button and pressing the Power (Hard Button) Key.

Method 2: How to restart dell laptop using keyboard?

The second method to restart a dell laptop is by pressing Alt Key + F4 Key together on the windows home screen. Ensure the Alt Key is pressed first, hold it, and then press the F4 key. The key works inside any opened tab but for that, you will need to manually close the opened tab. It’s always advised not to close your Dell Laptop abruptly.

Method 3: How to restart dell laptop when frozen?

The third method to restart your Dell Laptop is by pressing the Alt Key + Ctrl Key + Delete Key together. You will see a list of options like Lock, Switch User, Sign Out, etc. Just look out for the Power button on the bottom right and select the restart option to simply restart the system. This is also known as the Force Restart method as it works under most circumstances. In case your mouse isn’t working, use the tab key to navigate down to the power option. You can also use arrow keys.

Method 4: How manually restart dell laptop?

Just press Power Hard Button located at the top over the alphanumeric keys. Hold it for a few seconds (15-30 sec)until all the lights turn off, hola! Your system is turned off. Now just press the power hard button once again to restart your Dell Laptop. This is the last option you would want to try in case the screen goes blank. This works under all circumstances.

Non-Conventional Methods

Method 1:

Factory Reset: In case you are encountering various errors and problems, resetting the Dell Laptop can help solve a few common issues like aging hardware and software.

However, this method involves some risks and you might lose all of your data if done incorrectly. So back up all your data.

How to Reset Dell Laptop:

To reset your laptop on windows 8/10/11 just press the start icon, and in the search field start typing Reset This PC. The following interface should appear:

Just Choose to Keep My Files. This will remove all apps and settings like Wi-FI, Themes, any other customization from the system, etc and there will be no harm to your personal files. Make sure to back up or move all files from Desktop, Download folder, etc to drives other than the one in which the OS is installed.

Method 2:

Just detach all external devices connected to the laptop. Take out the battery. If it is not removable, just open the back of your Dell Laptop and detach all cables.

Caution: Clash-Guide doesn’t recommend this as this can break something on your computer.

Now we will field some Frequently Asked Questions regarding restarting your Dell Laptop

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to restart dell laptop when frozen?

Use Ctrl Key + Alt Key + Delete Key. Use Tab and Arrows keys to navigate to the power button option. You can also hold down the power key for a few seconds before pressing the button again in order to restart your laptop.

For more go to Method 3 & Method 4.

How to force restart dell laptop?

Try our conventional methods one by one.

How to restart dell laptop using keyboard?
Simply press the Alt Key + F4 Keys together. For more details go to here..

How to hard restart dell laptop?
How to manually restart dell laptop?

Try our Non-conventional methods 1.

Caution: It involves an element of risk if done incorrectly.

How to restart dell laptop with black screen?
How to restart dell laptop when screen is black?

Try our Non-conventional method 2.

Caution: It involves an element of risk if done incorrectly.

Restart Required Windows 11. How to solve this.

Just finish off any pending upgrade to restart the system properly. Read more here.


I have been using Dell Laptop for a decade. One thing that I would say is you will never face any difficulty no matter what the situation, there are a handful of ways how you can restart your dell laptop comparatively to other laptops in the market. Windows OS and Dell’s Hardware are made for one another. They complement each other well.

If you have any suggestions/feedback, leave your valuable comments down below. Thank you.

Note: All views are personal. Try any of the above methods at your own risk. Clash-Guide won’t be held responsible for any damage incurred to your system.