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Raid Weekend: Mystery to Mastery

Raid Weekend: Mystery to Mastery​

Raid Weekend has finally arrived. What a year this has been for Clash of Clans! We have the 3rd gamemode in the game of Clash of Clans. After years of deliberation, Team Supercell agreed upon providing something that would do justice to each and every clan member. It’s the first of its kind where every player starts on the same page. Any player above TH5 can take part in the so called Clan Capital.

What exactly is Raid Weekend?

How to Start the Raid Weekend in COC?

Pic: Interface showing how to start Clan Capital Raids

It’s the primary form of battle in the Clan Capital, which constitutes several districts. The heart of the Clan Capital known as the Capital Hall must be upgraded to level 2 for clans to take part in the Clan Capital Raids aka Raid Weekend. During raid weekends, clans go on attacking one after another clan to earn clan xP, Capital Gold and ultimately at the end of the weekend Raid Medals – a new form of currency in the game.

Because it’s a brand new mode there are so many questions, and uncertainties regarding the mode itself let alone raid weekend. We will cover them one by one in our Frequently Asked Questions.

How to Build Clan Capital in COC?

Unlock Mountain Golem Clash of Clans

Pic: Mountain Golem is the beast to watch out for in the Clan Capital

It’s to be noted that each member of the clan has the same privileges regardless of their town hall or builder hall level. The Capital Hall requires contributions from its clan members to repair, build and upgrade various district halls. Raid attacks stack up unless the hall is completely destroyed. It’s a great addition to this game. Not just offenses but the defenses do also stack up. Several players can contribute to finishing off an ongoing upgrade be it a trap or defenses or just buildings.

It takes multiple raid attacks to beat the top Capital Districts. Any damage incurred by previous attacker lasts into future attacks. Used spell also carries over into the next raid attack. The troop deployment area also expands as the players go on taking their raids.

Defending is Key in Clan Capital

Defenses attacking Mountain Golem

Pic: Defenses are attacking Mountain Golem in a raid battle

If you ask any good leader, what the secret of their success is. They are most likely to say defenses win you games. However, it works differently at Clan Capital. The clans don’t go on attacking 1v1 rather they attack different clans.

Matchmaking in Clan Capital

Raid Weekend is on

Pic: Raid Weekend Battle is on

Once the Leader or Co-Leader starts the weekend wars, the clan enters matchmaking and the clans go attacking different clans one by one. Unlike regular war or clan war league the clan that is under attack doesn’t get to attack their rivals. So, it’s entirely different from what we are accustomed to.
The clan members have to take down all of the district halls before they can attack the heart of the Clan Capital in Capital Peak.
Once, the enemy’s Capital Peak is destroyed, your clan emerges victorious and the Raid Battle 2 starts thereafter and hence the raid battles continue till the end of the weekend.

Q1. When exactly does Raid Weekend Start?

A. Raid Weekends start on Friday and run for 3 days. It is to be noted that you (if eligible) can start the Raid Weekend anytime during the course of the weekend.

Q2. Who can start Raid Weekend?

A. The Leader or a co-leader can sign up his/her clan for the Raid Weekend. As mentioned earlier, the clan capital hall needs to be at level 2 or above to take part in the weekend battle.

Q3. How many clan players can participate in the Raid Weekend Mode?

A. Up to 50 players can take part in the new mode.

Q4. How many raids are in Raid Weekend?

A. Each player gets Five Attacks. However, the player can get one extra bonus attack if he or she finishes off any district or the Capital Hall at 100%.

For example, if your clan members have achieved a combined total of 80% or even 50% on a district hall or the capital hall and if a player manages to get the total percentage count to 100, he or she will get his/her bonus reward.

If your clan has 30 members above TH5, your clan will get a minimum 30*5= 150 attacks. If each player managed to get his/her bonus attack, your clan can avail +30 bonus attacks.

Q5. What is a Forge in Clash of Clans?

Golem Quarry is a sight to behold

Pic: Golem Quarry is a sight to behold

A. The Forge is a flying workstation near the ‘Boat-to-BuilderBase’ where our beloved builders produce Capital Golds from Home and Builder Bases resources except Dark Elixir. The Capital Golds are then used to contribute to the upgrading of various buildings in the Clan Capital. The Forge arrives at Town Hall level 6.

Q6. What are deployment zones in Raid Battles?

A. The deployment zones are the active area where your troops can land and start the march towards the buildings or the defenses depending on the attacking nature of the troops and the remaining buildings on the battlefield. The deployment zones vary for troops and spells. The spells temporarily help expand the zones if the new tiles are accessible through them. In that regard Jump and Frost really help the clan members.

Q7. What are no - deployment zones during raid?

A. The deployment zones are shaded in light green with white skirting where a troop can land. On the other hand, the no deployment zones are the areas outside the deployment zones i.e., the deep green tiles.

Q8. What are the rewards for joining the Clan Capitals Raid?

A. Raid Weekend offers Raid Medals and Capital Gold. While capital gold can be used to repair, build and upgrade the buildings, Raid Medals are the ultimate. You can shop them for many items at theTrader’s Hut. The trader’s shop has now expanded and has a lot to offer. You will get an additional Raid Medals tab at the shop location where you can redeem your raid medals for :

1. Golds, Elixirs and Dark Elixirs.
2. Various Potions, Books and Shovel of Obstacles also appear at the shop on weekly basis.
3. You can now fill up your own Clan Castles with the help of Raid Medals.

Clash-Guide advises using Raid Medals judiciously and saving them to avoid last-minute hassle during Clan Wars.


Although it’s a mystery why a defending clan can’t attack its opposite number but your clan can definitely achieve mastery over the raid weekends. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries or suggestions on  this topic, go ahead and leave your valuable reply below.