TH15 COC - Update Release Date, New Hero & Pets

TH15 COC is not just a term sought after but is a burning fire among every Clash of Clans lover. COC TH15 is imminent, if not past due. Clash of Clans Town Hall 15 is where the future of the game lies ahead.



Town Hall 15 is gonna be the first Town Hall that’s gonna have more than 100 buildings in all. Yes, so far every building was worth a minimum of 1% in battle (single or multiplayer matchmaking). Eventually, what this means is that Supercell, the Creator of the Game will be forced to bring in a fraction order system in the game unless the collections of similar buildings are grouped/stacked together. For eg. several Builder Huts are merged into one large, say, Super Hut, or the ‘n’ number of collectors or mines is made 1 each for Collectors or Mines.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 15

The best option would be to bring the fraction order system, in which you will get 0.5% (instead of 1%) for every Builder Hut destroyed. Because there are a maximum of 6 Huts in the game for TH14, it will free up 3 spaces for the New Building for the subsequent Town Halls. Similarly, the collectors (7) and mines (7) will free up (14-7)=7 additional spaces. That’s quite a lot. You get a total of +10 extra buildings which you fill in at TH15 + TH16 + TH17 maybe?  

What's Next After TH16

And then you can start factoring in Army Camps, Barracks, and Dark Barracks with the same Fraction Order System. This has to be the way forward. If you have got any other solutions, you can let us know through the comment section down below. I have been involved with the game since 2013, and I’ve been thinking about the same solution since TH12/13 days.


COC TH15 New Hero

We already have 4 different Heroes and as many Pets in the game. They need no introduction. But are we ready for the 5th Hero? Before we get to that, first let’s have a look at when and what Town Hall Hero was added to the Game.

Barbarian King – Town Hall 8 – January 2013

Archer Queen – Town Hall 9 – January 2013

Grand Warden – Town Hall 11 – December 2015

Royal Champion – Town Hall 13 – December 2019

Looking at the patterns, it may seem due but I would only give it a go if this COC TH15 New Hero is allowed to be deployed in the war field in the last 90 sec remaining. This will provide a great context to war. 

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