TH15 COC - Update Release Date, New Hero, Pets & Other TH15 Leaks

TH15 COC is not just a term sought after but is a burning fire among every Clash of Clans lover. COC TH15 was released on Oct 10, 2022.  Clash of Clans Town Hall 15 is where the future of the game lies ahead.

COC TH15 update has 4 New Pets, 1 New Troop at Barracks level 16, and lots more. Click here to Read What’s New at TH15?

TH15 COC - Update Release Date, New Hero, Pets & Other TH15 Leaks​

Image: COCTH15 COC – Update Release Date, New Hero, Pets & Other TH15 Leaks


First of all the Clash of Clans TH15 building gets a purple theme. The town hall will retain its Giga Inferno at the top. Overall the aesthetics give a new cool look to the town hall building. The level of Giga Inferno is embarked in Roman on either side of the GI. I was actually thinking about the same for Builder Hall levels as they badly need some local visibility, and I thought we would see IX (for level 9) somewhere so that BH9 is recognized easily. But Supercell was a step ahead to launch it for the Home Village. We love little changes in details. They add value to it.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 15 Updates

Image: COC TH15 New Defense Level

The Clash of Clans will receive several updates in installments.

What's New at TH15

Following are the New Updates at TH15:

  • One Brand New Elixir Based troops at Barracks Level 16.
  • 4 New Pets as the Pet House level increases to level 8.
  • One New Seize Barracks at WorkShop level 7.
  • 200 level 16 Walls available to upgrade at the beginning.
  • +5 level each for existing Heroes.
  • +5 level each for new and existing Pets.
  • Defenses and Troops to get +1 level of upgrade each.
  • As far as the army is concerned: +5 space for each Army Camp (320 slots overall), +5 space for Clan Castle Troops(50 troop capacity overall), Spell Factory (11 slots overall), The Lab, and the WorkShop to receive their immediate next level.
  • Note: All Elixir-Based Barracks will function as one, and the same for Dark Elixir-Based Barracks. This will apply to the game and is effective for every town hall. 

TH15 New Pets

COC TH15 Hero Pets in Poison Lizard Phoenix Frosty Diggy

Image: COC Pet House level 8 means +4 more Pets at TH15

There are currently 4 Pets in the game. And they already are doing a great job. And guess what we get 4 New Pets at Town Hall 15. We all thought we’d get one more Pet or maybe a couple at best but we now are going to have 8 different types of Pets in Clash of Clans, of course at Town Hall level 15.

Take a loot at all COC Hero Pets in the game and what their primary roles are:

L.A.S.S.IHigh Jumper

Electro OwlHigh Voltage

Mighty YakWall Buster

Unicorn Personal Healer

Frosty Frozen Fighter

Diggy Tunneling Tank

Poison Lizard Deadly Damager

Phoenix Fiery Reviver

If you have any suggestions about what the next pet should be named after, do let us know vía the comments down below.


COC TH15 New Hero

COC TH15 New Hero Levels

We already have 4 different Heroes and as many Pets in the game. They need no introduction. But are we ready for the 5th Hero? Supercell doesn’t think so and therefore, we are not going to see any more Heroes being added to the game at least at Town Hall 15.

Take a look at when a New Hero was previously added to the Game and at what Town Hall.

Barbarian KingTown Hall 8January 2013

Archer QueenTown Hall 9January 2013

Grand WardenTown Hall 11December 2015

Royal ChampionTown Hall 13December 2019

Hero PetsTown Hall 14 – April 2021

Even if Supercell were to add a New Hero at TH15, I would only allow this COC TH15 New Hero in the game if it were to be deployed in the war field in the last 90 seconds. This will provide a great context to war and will take away the headache because of the availability of so many Heroes. Thankfully, the Pets don’t require to be deployed manually.


COC TH15 Release Date

As we all know our respected Community Manager Darian Sir once told us that they want to keep the release of the next Town Hall level at least 18 months apart. And the timer ends in October 2022. And therefore, we now have an official announcement of TH15 and the update is expected to go live on October 11, 2022.

Now take a look at the release dates of previous Town Hall levels.

Town Hall Level 1 to 8August 2, 2012

Town Hall 9October 17, 2012

Town Hall 10 – May 23, 2013

Town Hall 11 – December 10, 2015

Town Hall 12 – June 11, 2018

Town Hall 13 – December 9, 2019

Town Hall 14 – April 12, 2021

Town Hall 15 – October 10, 2022

There were two possible windows for the release of Town Hall 15, one falls in October and the other in second week of December which Supercell seems to enjoy more. It’s a festive month and it is totally justified as well. But hang on! But because we got one big Construction Reduction and 1-Gem Army Boost in October, hence it was selected. Although many TH14 players believed that they will get one final update in October. We also thought we would get +5 level for every Hero and one balancing update for TH14 prior to the release of TH15. 

TOWN HALL 15 Release Date

  • 00D
  • 00H
  • 00M
  • 00S

TH15 War Base Link 2022 for Town Hall 15

Image: COC TH15 War Base, Farm Base, Legend Base with Link 2022

Best TH15 War Base with Copy Link is now available. Check out on this TH15 War Base page, TH15 Farm Base Link 2022 & TH15 Legend League Base. Just keep this bookmarked for faster access. What you will get on this site:

TH15 Farming Base

Best TH15 Farming Base Link 2022

TH15 Progress Base

Town Hall 15 Base for War, Farming



So, it seems like the Second Week of October was reserved for the Next Big Update in the game. The Next Big Update has to be Town Hall 15. We look forward to the release of TH15 in December. Thank you for reading this article.

Disclaimer: All views are personal.

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