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Anna Mani was an Indian physicist and meteorologist who lived from 23 August 1918 to 16 August 2001

She retired from her position as the Indian Meteorological Department's deputy director general,

Anna Mani is also known as the Weather Woman of India.

Her efforts helped India excel in renewable energy in addition to weather forecasting.

In 1918, Anna Modayil Mani was born in Peermade, then in Travancore, Kerala.

She obtained her degrees from the famed Presidency College, Madras, in physics and chemistry (now Chennai),

furthermore received a research scholarship for the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

She then went to Imperial College in London to study Physics and

later developed a preference for meteorological equipment.

She had the choice to remain and work in London after completing her studies there. But she returned home because she loved India.

She thus built a large number of meteorological instruments and advanced Indian science.