Clash Of Clans Town Hall 15: Leaks, Release Date, Defenses, Heroes, Pets and Troops are out.

This is the Front View of the Brand New Town Hall 15 in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans TH15 is expected to go live from October 11, 2022.

TH15 Army Camp gets +5 level of extra slot each making it 4*80=320 Army Slots.

You can sense -  Something is Brewing inside COC Barracks Level 16.

TH15 Clan Castle can now accomodate 50 slots. Tha Lab adds aesthetic value to Town Hall 15. 

So do the COC TH15 Storage Buildings in Elixir Storage, Gold Storage & Dark Elixir Storage.

Seize Barracks' extra level  is yet to be confirmed tomorrow.

WOW!! Pet House Level 8 is added to TH15 Update Roster. +4 More Pets Loading?

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+200 lv 16 walls for upgrade. TH15 Upgrade Cost & Time varry from 17d to 20d each.