President Joe Biden's administration releases the annual salaries for all of its White House Employees today.

The salaries range from $0 per year to $180,000, with the vast majority of employees making over $100,000 every year. This is huge.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is one of the 24 employees who make the maximum $180,000 every year.

Surprisingly, there are also 16 employees who receive no salary at all, listed at $0 per year. Totally Bizzare!!

They include Biden's senior adviser for immigration, Ramzi Kassem, and his special policy adviser for economic policy, Justin Levitt, among others.

The White House has to disclose the salaries of its employees in a report to Congress each year.

Twelve employees make the minimum non-zero salary of $48,000.

The decorated list includes trip coordinators presidential writers, and research associates.

Although not listed as a White House employee, President Biden himself makes $400,000 per yr, a typical Prez salary really.

The salary does not unveil the $50,000 "expense allowance" nor the $100,000 in travel expenses Biden receives.

We will see how much it gets reflected the following year. That will give us a fair idea of how much these employees get.