COC TH15 Hero Pets have been confirmed by Clash of Clans.

There will be 4 more Hero Pets at Town Hall 15.

Take a loot at what they are and what their main roles have been assigned to..

FROSTY -unlocks at Pet House lv 5

FROSTY - slows down enemies with its icy breath 

FROSTY - jumps off and attacks enemy defenses to slow them down as well

FROSTY Target - Ground & Air

DIGGY - unlocks at Pet House lv 6

DIGGY - mostly underground creature

DIGGY - comes up to stun and smash defenses

DIGGY Target - Ground

Poison Lizard -unlocks at Pet House lv 7

Poison Lizard  - spits blobs of poison on enemies

Poison Lizard Target - Ground & Air

Phoenix - unlocks at Pet House lv 8 - revives herself and her Hero

Phoenix  Target - Ground & Air